Welcome to the Majors Pool

Entry fee is $20 per person (either mail it to me or Paypal it). Whoever has the best golfer will win 80% of pot. Best golfer is defined by winner of the tournament or closest thereto. Tiebreakers are determined by Sunday's score, then Saturday's, etc. 20% goes to best team score, which is determined by the lowest score from your best five golfers. If a golfer is CUT, that golfer inherits the highest score of the golfers who currently made the cut. Tiebreakers work the same way as for individual scores. If a golfer has to withdraw before the tournament starts and is replaced by someone else, the entry will inherit that new golfer (ad infinitum).

The draft typically occurs on this site and/or live in person the Wednesday before the major, with each participant typing their picks in the group chat and the admin(Joe) entering them on the site. We'll try to draft at least five pros each, field size permitting, and will occasionally go a bit deeper if the draft doesn't take too long. I have a process which updates scores every few minutes so check this site regularly to see who's winning (especially for team results).

As always, I'm open to suggestions for scoring, payouts, and basically any aspect of the pool. Eventually I'd like to have the draft functionality on this site

Please send payments to PayPal (josephpconley@gmail.com) or my address:

430 Foulke Ln
Springfield, PA 19064

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