Why does my handicap show as N/A?

You must have at least five valid rounds saved in the system before a handicap can be calculated.

What's a valid round?

If you save scores by hole, then a valid round means all 18 holes have scores. If you save by totals, then completing both the OUT and IN totals or completing just the final total constitutes a valid round.

Why does my round total show as N/A?

Your round is not a valid score yet (per above).

Why don't I see my local course in the system?

All course data is currently being added and vetted by users like you. If you don't see your course in the system, you will need to add it manually here..

How do I keep score for my friends?

To save scores for your friends, you must be connected to them on SwingStats. Go here to find your friends on SwingStats or invite them to join.